To frame or not to frame?

To frame or not to frame?

One of the most exciting things about buying a print, besides getting a super cool photo, is dressing it up to fit your home and aesthetic. There are various ways of dressing up your new print(s); framing the being the most common. Most of our prints are available to be paired with a frame and can be chosen by clicking on which frame it is you want. Right below is the details and pictures of each frame. Not all frames are available with every print or print size, so be sure to check the availability before ordering. 

Copper metal Frame: The first frame we have is a very special copper metal frame. It adds a pop of color and paired with a  class to a print. You can see below some example images of how the print will look in your home. 

Silver metal Frame: Pairs well with almost any color print making it stand out. 


Black metal frame: This simple, yet beautiful frame is one to admire, it let's the print be the center of attention 

Wood frame: These frames aren't real wood, rather regular frames with wood details, but they make a great addition to you print. 

Gold metal frame: Not for the faint of heart, this gold frame will make a bold statement when paired with a print. 

Frames not speaking your language? Acrylic or Canvas might be more your style!

Currently out of stock frames: Will be back in stock Mid-October 

Frame 6x8 inch Black Wood
Frame 6x8 inch Dark Wood
Frame 6x8 inch White Wood
Frame 8x12 inch Black Metal
Frame 8x12 inch Copper Metal
Frame 12x12 inch Black Wood
Frame 12x12 inch Natural Wood
Frame 12x16 inch Black Metal
Frame 12x18 inch Natural Wood
Frame 16x20 inch White Wood
Frame 16x20 inch Copper Metal
Frame 18x24 inch Black Wood
Frame 20x20 inch Natural Wood
Frame 20x28 inch Dark Wood
Frame 20x28 inch Copper Metal
Frame 20x28 inch Gold Metal
Frame 20x28 inch Natural Wood
Frame 20x28 inch Black Wood
Frame 24x36 inch Black Wood
Frame 24x36 inch Dark Wood
Frame 24x36 inch Natural Wood
Frame 28x40 inch Natural Wood
Frame 28x40 inch Copper Metal
Frame 28x40 inch Gold Metal
Frame 28x40 inch Dark Wood
Frame 28x40 inch Black Metal
Hanger 450 mm Black Wood

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